10 Women Who Prove That Pregnancy Is Not A Limitation To Do What They Love

Society always assumes that a pregnant woman is more vulnerable during this stage, and some people even treat them as if they have a disease that prevents them from moving, laughing, or even walking. However, the truth is that we never consider the immense feminine strength, especially during this stage.
With the immense power of her heart, a pregnant woman refuses to let anything stop her. A clear example is found in these women who have done things that are simply incredible and that also show that a pregnant woman is not at all weak and fragile. This is how they teach us that pregnancy is a matter of feeling good, healthy, happy, and full of energy.

  1. Alysia Montano ran 800 meters while 34 weeks pregnant.

  1. This mom, who is a fan of yoga, proves that nothing is impossible.

  1. Lea Ann Ellison was lifting weights just two weeks after giving birth.

  1. Ballerina Mary Helen Bowers shows the beauty of ballet and pregnancy.

  1. For surfer Bethany Hamilton, there are no limits, even with 6 months of pregnancy.

  1. Adrian Hoguel was pushing his limits at 32 weeks pregnant.

  1. Leda Elliot, a Kung Fu champion, was practicing one day before giving birth.

  1. The acrobatic duo Liberi Di was practicing their best moves.

  1. This woman’s pregnancy multiplied her energy and ability.

  1. Fitness model Chontel Duncan kickboxing at 37 weeks pregnant

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