10-year-old girl is smarter than Einstein

Nishi Uggalle has become one of the youngest people in the UK with the highest IQ . She scored Mensa’s IQ test of 162 – two points higher than the genius Einstein.

Image of girl Nishi Uggalle with high IQ test results

Nishi Uggalle is very satisfied with his “surprisingly” high IQ test score . Her father humbly commented that his daughter was a very normal person like other children of the same age. He said: “We knew she was gifted from an early age. She started reading and writing very early and was very good at math. We tested her, our fun things, to test her. Parents, you don’t want your child’s talent to go to waste, but that’s not all when she’s so young.My daughter is just an ordinary 10 year old, just like any other baby. She loves reading, cycling and walking, and we are all very proud of Nishi Uggalle.”
Nishi Uggalle shared his dream : “I want to become a scientist, it is something that I always spend time interested in”.

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