5-year-old Boy Claims To Be The Afterlife Of A DᴇɑԀ Hollywood Actor

When Ryan was 4 years old, the boy began to suffer from haunting and haunting nightmares for a long time. Until the age of 5, the boy decided to share every secret he felt with his mother, Miss Cindy.

“Mom, I have something to tell you. I used to be a different person,” Cindy recounts on television what her son told her. At first, Cindy just thought it was a fantasy game that any child would love to play, but gradually, she became horrified when she realized the “past life” story Ryan told at the “incredibly detailed” level. details”.
The boy told his mother about his experiences, such as traveling around the world, collaborating with actress Rita Hayworth and dancing on Broadway. “Ryan’s stories are so vivid and detailed. A 5-year-old can’t make it up like that,” Cindy said.

While still not completely believing what Ryan told, Cindy still followed the details of Ryan’s story to the library to find books about Hollywood. And when a page was opened, the boy Ryan said, “Mom, that’s the child of a previous life”.

In the book is a commemorative photo of the movie “Night After Night” filmed in 1932. The person Ryan points to is the not-so-famous actor Marty Martyn. He acted in the movie “Night After Night” with only a small role without lines and died in 1964.

Actor Marty Martyn.

This time, Cindy took Ryan to see Professor Dr. Jim Tucker of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia. “Ryan’s case requires a lot of careful study to come up with an explanation,” he said.
He explains the thought-provoking anomaly of Ryan’s story: “Marty Martyn enters the film in an unremarkable role, even without dialogue. So when I saw his picture in the book, it was difficult for me or anyone to know who this person was and to be able to tell his biography clearly. But Ryan is different, what he tells is very consistent with the details of what happened in Marty Martyn’s life.”

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