7-week-old Baby Can Say ‘I love you’

7 Weeks Baby Talks – Ariana (from London, UK) is a special baby girl because normal babies can say a complete sentence only when they are over 1 year old. The girl’s father was ‘stunned’ when his daughter whispered in response to his words.

The video recorded by her father made many people excited

A 7-week-old baby can talk, surprising many people.

The girl’s father was very proud when talking about his little angel: “I told my daughter that I love you, and the baby replied. I couldn’t believe my ears and thought it was just that. It wasn’t until the baby repeated it over and over again that I realized how magical it was.”

Her father said that right from the time she was born, Ariana was very clever, lovely, smiling and always trying to follow what the adults said.

Ariana is so pretty and cute

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