A 16-week-old Fetus With Broken Water Still Miraculously Survives

Doctors said that the fetus had a survival rate of only 1% and advised her to abort it because it could affect her health. But because of the love of the small child, Evans bravely refused to abort the fetus on the advice of doctors.

Evans did not bow to fate, she searched for medical documents related to her case during her hospital stay. What especially made her decide to keep the fetus was that the data she collected on the documents showed that the survival rate of the fetus was higher than the number given by the doctors.
After applying the experience gained from books and documents, the results were unexpected when two weeks later the doctor announced that her fetus was still developing normally, the doctors were also very surprised. surprised at this result because there has never been such a miracle before.

Finally, Evans welcomed her healthy baby after 34 weeks of pregnancy. Despite being born prematurely, Evans’ little angel only had to stay in the hospital for 5 days and then was discharged.

The boy Leo – Evans’ son is now very healthy and is learning to speak.

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