A Special Set Of Quadruplets, Only One In 4,000 Years

A year ago, the premature birth of quadruplets: Caroline, Darcy, Alexis and Elisha created an event in the history of medicine. Because after nearly a decade of trying, parents have almost lost all hope of having children. And this is the first of a series of spectacularly successful IVF attempts.
However, that’s not the only reason these quads are special. Because the strangest thing is that this quadruplet is the result of an embryo that, after being implanted, divides itself into three embryos and one of those three embryos again split into two embryos. This is considered a very special case because according to the statistics of experts, the case of an embryo creating four babies happens only once in 4,000 years.

Adorable quadruplets of husband and wife Christine and Justin.

The children’s father, Justin Clark, said: ” We are the first couple to have this happen. Even some doctors can’t believe it.”
Justin shared that the first night to welcome the four princesses home was a difficult but extremely happy day for the couple. He revealed:  ‘The first night home was extremely chaotic, they cried at different times and kept asking for food.

Every 4000 years, a special case like this appears.

Justin and Christine met at a pub 12 years ago and got married three years later. Like other young couples, they also yearn for more new members. Especially with Christine, because she has long wanted to be a mother and feels impatient when her friends are pregnant and giving birth in turn.
However, things did not go according to their will. Talking about that time, Christine said:  “I was only 25 years old, so I was not scared. But after two years of doing countless tests with our doctors, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and to get pregnant required medical help.”
The kids just celebrated their first birthday.

Christine and her husband tried several treatments, including taking ovarian stimulation drugs, but the side effects of the drugs made Christine very ill. Therefore, in vitro fertilization is the only and last resort for her and her husband.
And fortunately, after two inseminations, Christine became pregnant and had to be hospitalized for 24 weeks before going into labor at 30 weeks on March 25 last year. Sharing about that important and happy moment, Christine revealed:We have over 42 people waiting in the operating room. Everyone wants to sit in the front row to watch the surgery. When the babies were born, they were quickly moved to the next room and Justin followed them. It’s disappointing because I’m so desperate to see them, but I can’t get anywhere for 24 hours. It was really difficult.”
She added: “Justin took 253 pictures of them for me to see because I once went looking for them myself. The kids bruised my lungs because they kicked so hard.”

The four children are always together in everything and always seem to encourage and encourage each other.

After giving birth, just a few weeks later, Christine was discharged, but her four daughters remained in the hospital for more than nine weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit. Although the children are now developing normally and stably, all four children are allergic to sugar, dairy, and soy milk. This is really expensive for a couple who are just ordinary employees.
However, the couple did not seem too bothered about it because their long-standing wish had finally come true. Justin happily shows off his four little princesses: “ They are always together. They stick everything together and always seem to encourage each other. It was a pleasure to see those scenes.”

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