Animal Wonder: A Cat-like Creature With A Human Face Was Discovered In Malaysia In 2017

You might have seen some pretty strange footage of a hairless cat-like creature with a human head floating around the internet over the past few days. Footage shows the four-legged monster seemingly asleep on a table. A person behind the camera strokes it under the chin but the creature refuses to spring to life. However, all may not be as it seems.

This little gremlin certainly isn’t petted material! A strange little creature with a human-like face was reportedly discovered in Malaysia recently and it’s less than appealing

Pictures of the tiny thing were shared on social media and show

The creature was reportedly found in Malaysia and featured claws, fangs and cat-like limbs, however it seemed to have a distinctive human-shaped head. The small, hand-sized creature is pale with a few strands of black hair on top of its human-like head.

The creature was reportedly found in Malaysia

Those who posted pictures on social networks also confirmed that this creature is being locked in a laboratory but the location is unknown. Because of the unfounded rumors, the police had to investigate. Later, police chief Datuk Rosli Abdul Rahman (Malaysia) said the video and the stories surrounding it were “completely untrue”.
In fact, it is just a novelty toy made of silicon and sold on foreign online websites. The police also did not receive reports from locals about the appearance of such strange creatures.
“It is a rumor that is not true, I hope people stop sharing information about it,” Mr. Datuk said.

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