Babies Who Stopped Breathing Suddenly Come Back To Life

Dead baby suddenly comes back to life when mother hugs
Perhaps this is an unbelievable story about the miracle of skin-to-skin phenomenon that happened in Australia. A young Australian mother, Kate Ogg, thought she had to say her last goodbye after doctors told her her premature baby would not survive – but a miracle happened.
Baby Jamie was born prematurely at 27 weeks and weighed just over 900g. After more than 20 minutes of trying to save his life, doctors declared the baby dead. Kate Ogg cried in pain and despair and asked for permission to hold her baby one last time. After being handed over the baby’s body, Kate removed the baby from the swaddling blanket and held the baby tightly in her skin-to-skin lap.

A great thing happened to Kate, 2 hours later, her son Jamie suddenly began to have a resurrected reflex. Although at first it was just small yawns, gasps, but Kate quickly noticed and was extremely surprised. Before the boy’s expressions, the doctors told Kate that this was just a reflex, the baby was really dead.
However, the mother’s faith and heart do not believe it. Kate started taking some breast milk on her finger and feeding her baby when a miracle happened: the baby started breathing normally again.
After taking her son’s life from death, Kate was extremely emotional, “I can’t seem to believe what happened. A short time later, Jamie opened his eyes and the irises began to roll from side to side. The doctors were horrified and kept shaking their heads saying “unbelievable, unbelievable”.

This incident happened like a miracle and a testament to many people’s belief in postnatal skin-to-skin therapy – a proven method to help babies strengthen their resistance, less susceptible to diseases. serious illness, improve sleep, reduce the risk of sudden hypothermia and increase lactation for the mother’s body.
Newborn baby who stopped breathing for 26 minutes suddenly came to life
Another case of a baby coming back to life is a newborn baby who stopped breathing for 26 minutes and suddenly came back to life in the UK.
Mother Becky Simpson (20 years old, from Lancashire, England) is being named by the international press as “the luckiest mother in the world” after Isla Simpson – Becky’s newborn daughter had stopped breathing recently. half an hour suddenly came back to life.

Becky was like many other pregnant mothers, she had a perfectly normal pregnancy and Isla was born after 39 weeks of pregnancy. However, after she was born, she neither cried nor moved. Doctors noticed that the baby was pale and his organs were dying from lack of oxygen.
Isla was immediately given CPR and just when the doctors thought she had to give up, her heart suddenly started beating again. However, the strange thing is that no one has been able to explain why her heart did not beat when she was born.

After regaining consciousness and having a normal breathing rhythm, however, doctors diagnosed Isla may have brain damage due to lack of oxygen to the brain, The possibility that she will have cerebral palsy after this incident is also possible. But for Becky’s family, their daughter’s survival was a miracle.
3-year-old girl who died suddenly comes back to life during funeral
On July 11, in the Philippines, people witnessed the scene of a 3-year-old baby “died again and again” right at his funeral. A 3-year-old girl from Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur (Philippines) had a high fever continuously for several days, then her parents took her to a local hospital on July 11. Here, the doctor and medical staff also confirmed that the girl had no signs of life and died and was declared dead.

However, during the funeral, when opening the coffin to put his belongings inside, a neighbor saw the baby’s head move. A video posted on social media shows parents opening the lid to carry the baby out, much to the surprise of many. The baby was immediately taken to the hospital.
However, the story ended without a happy ending because the girl died later. Dr. Mary Silyne Asor-Cabahug, Director of the Aurora City Health Department, used a heart monitor to assess the baby’s condition but found no signs of life, Dr. Mary confirmed that the baby was The girl is really dead.
Newborn baby dies suddenly… comes back to life
Robin Cyr, 34 years old living in Hilifax, Nova is also a lucky mother. Robin’s child is also one of the cases where children die and come back to life. On March 8, 2014, Robin gave birth to her fourth child, however, because the baby was too big, Robin had problems during the delivery.
For the first 25 minutes after her baby was born, Robin waited for a miracle to happen, but then she began to give up hope. The newborn baby was taken out of the room for burial.

However, a miracle happened to Robin. Just a few minutes after the procedure, a nurse returned speechless, “The baby is breathing again.” The doctor informed Robin. “I am very sorry that I was about to give up the child. When I walked out, I suddenly wanted to look back again. And miraculously, the baby is breathing on its own.” Robin’s daughter was born weighing 4.6kg, she wanted to name her daughter Miracle “Miracle”.

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