Baby Girl Born Healthy 2 Days After Mother Died Of Brain Dᴇɑтһ

baby girl was born healthy from the body of a mother who died 2 days earlier due to a brain hemorrhage at John Radcliffe hospital, touching many hearts. The baby girl was born prematurely before 13 weeks, so she only weighs 950g, everyone has tears in their eyes at her intense vitality.

Baby girl was born after her mother died 2 days ago from a brain hemorrhage

Jenny’s mother, 41, is a British figure skater. Her biggest wish in life was to become a mother. That’s why, even though she is facing near death, her husband still wants to help her fulfill this wish.
With modern technology, the doctors kept Jenny breathing, the abdomen was still warm even though her brain had died 2 days earlier.

After the baby was safely delivered, the husband leaned down to kiss his wife and he could feel her lips gently breathing. Soliman could also feel her mischievous pursed lips, and slow tears from the corners of her dead wife’s eyes. He whispered comfortingly to Jenny: “Rest in peace, dear wife. Our baby was born healthy and he must know that his mother is the most wonderful woman in the world.”
The birth of a baby girl is like a miracle of life

Jenny’s funeral was attended by more than 300 people, but no one shed a tear. Before she died, Jenny said: “If in this life I can become a mother, please don’t cry at my funeral. Because this mother will always live in the child’s smile.” These are Jenny’s last words and are engraved on her gravestone. Jenny was the one who created a miracle, and she will live forever in the hearts of those who stay.

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