Baby Girl Born With Extremely Rare Noseless Defect

As one of the extremely rare deformities in the world, baby Tessa Evans, 17 months old, living in the town of Maghera, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland was born with a noseless deformity.

Baby Tessa was born with a noseless defect.

Having this rare form of deformity also means that Tessa is unable to sense scents, has no nasal cavity, but she can still cough, sneeze and catch colds. Though unlike the other kids, Tessa is always cheerful. Babies love to run, play outside and kiss the wind.

The defect was discovered when the baby was 20 weeks pregnant.

Grainne Evans, 32, Tessa’s mother, said that when she was 20 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound showed an abnormality on her baby’s face. Fortunately, Tessa’s health is stable and can still be born.

The girl is always happy with her parents.
At 11 weeks old, baby Tessa had to undergo surgery to remove cataracts and widen her trachea to allow her to breathe while eating and sleeping. It is known that in the near future, baby Tessa will continue to receive nose transplant surgery at Great Ormond Hospital. Doctors will design a nose shaped mold along the hairline and then fix it in place of the nose. Over the years, the girl continued to receive new nose implants to make them bigger and more suitable for her face.

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