Baby Girl With Melon Face

According to the Daily Mail, baby girl Miley Buchanan from Tennessee (USA) has just been born with a rare tumor on her face. Its size is constantly growing bigger which makes the family extremely worried. Currently, doctors are rushing to find a treatment and cure for the baby.

According to Miley’s mother – Chelsea Buchanan, she discovered that her daughter had a tumor on the left half of her face right from the 3rd month of pregnancy. At that time, the doctor said this was a rare case and suggested the injection. drugs for pregnant women to limit tumor growth. However, the results were not satisfactory and Miley was born with this unusual appearance.

Little girl with a big tumor on her left cheek

Miley’s parents were concerned that their economic conditions could not afford the expensive hospital bills. Fortunately, Miley has health insurance, so the family only needs to take care of living expenses and spend time taking care of their daughter. Currently, the “little princess” is receiving the help of local authorities and hospitals.
The tumor is constantly growing, making the baby’s family extremely worried

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