Boys Who Have The Ability To Remember Past Lives

Hunter 3 year old boy believes he is golf star Bobby Jones
One day, when Hunter was just over 2 years old, watching Golf Channel with his father on TV, he suddenly saw a clip playing the image of Bobby Jones – the star who dominated golf in the 1930s with 13 prizes. champion. Hunter told his parents, “when I was HUGE, I was Bobby Jones”.
Hunter’s parents, a Christian family, at first just laughed and took their son’s statement as a joke. However, after that, Hunter’s father began to wonder why the boy didn’t choose a modern golfer like Tiger Woods, but preferred to be Bobby Jones? Hunter’s father decided to test his son by giving him six pictures of golfers from the 1930s and asking who Jones was.
As a result, Hunter correctly picked out the image of golfer Bobby Jones. Hunter replied, ” This is this one. “
More carefully, Hunter’s father printed out pictures of various homes, including Jones’ childhood home, and showed it to his son. Strangely, the boy Hunter called and correctly pointed to the house of Jones’ childhood as the “family” of the boy in the past.
Along with those strange events, Hunter’s golf abilities also increased exponentially.

Legendary golf star Bobby Jones was confirmed by boy Hunter as himself “when I was a kid”.

5-year-old Ryan raved about Hollywood decades ago, maybe even showing himself in a movie 70 years ago.
Ryan’s mother, Cyndi, who is a Catholic and does not believe in reincarnation, had to write to Dr. Jim Tucker asking for help because she thought her son was having trouble with his signs. memories of a previous life.
Her son Ryan, when he was just 5 years old, suddenly acted very strangely. The boy kept chanting “Act” and imagined himself directing a movie. Even the boy often wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming and telling his mother that he used to live in Hollywood.
The boy’s mother borrowed at the end of an old book from the library about Hollywood to help him remember things from his past life. And when he saw a photo of the cast of Night after night in 1932, the boy pointed to a picture and said: ” Mom, this is me. I see you “
The boy was able to describe scenes from the movie, such as a scene of a room filled with guns. And Mrs. Cyndi looked up the movie on youtube, and there were exactly the scenes the boy told, including the room full of guns.
Ryan said that he was reincarnated because Marty still has many regrets in life.

Tucker and his colleagues immediately let people track down the man in the photo. It was Marty Martyn, the director of a large agency in Hollywood. He lived in Los Angeles and died in 1963 of cancer – that is, five decades from Ryan.
Ryan said that the boy had to be reincarnated because Marty regretted not spending more time with his family and loved ones in his previous life. He works so much that he forgets to love those around him.
Ryan told many things about Marty and that Dr. Tucker and his team verified the accuracy when reviewing Marty’s old records. For example, Ryan said he died in a numbered room in his previous life. And in fact, Marty died in a room with that exact number in the hospital. Ryan also told his mother that it was the boy who chose her to be his mother and let himself be reincarnated.
Ryan said he died in a numbered room in his previous life. And in fact, Marty died in a room with that exact number in the hospital.

Ryan is a special case because he also has other unusual psychic abilities: The boy knows that his grandmother had a miscarriage even though his mother never told. He also knew in advance who his teacher would be, who was on the other end of the phone even though he didn’t need to listen.
Explaining why only children have this ability, Dr. Tucker believes that children remember their past lives more than adults because their lives do not have many memories of the present life.

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