Conjoined Twins Share One Heart

Last Thursday morning at Northside Hospital, the doctors and couple Robin and Michael, both 34 years old, were delighted to welcome the birth of Asa and Eli Hamby, extremely rare twins when the body was born. The two may conjoin and share many important parts.

Newly born “two boys” Asa and Eli Hamby share a body, in which, they share a heart, 2 lungs and a common circulatory system. This means that Asa and Eli can never separate their bodies, because… the two are one. When the doctors saw it, they were amazed at the almost completely normal health of both babies.
Doctors said that before that, Robbin’s mother had spent 37 weeks in intensive care. Her birth has shaken the surgical community in the US. They are waiting for the miraculous vitality of the twins when according to statistics, there are very few conjoined twins that last more than a day.

Simulation of the body of brothers Asa and Eli.

Before that, there were also many conjoined twins that could exist and live healthy together. Veena and Vanilla (India) born in 2004 share the same head. The two girls even had to stay in the hospital for the first 8 years of their lives just because their parents couldn’t pay the hospital bills and abandoned them. Surgeon Dr Narenda Kumar said they both have their own brains, but share a common vascular system.
X-ray film shows that Asa and Eli’s bodies share all internal organs.

Veena and Vani are completely healthy when sharing the first part.

The same thing happened to brothers Shivanath and Shivram Sahu who were born in India. Now both are 12 years old and living very healthy.

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