Exploring the Fascinating World of Kukur Vivah: The Traditional Indian Wedding Ceremony Where an 18-Year-Old Girl Marries a Dog

A few days ago, public opinion was stirred by the news that an 18-year-old girl from India married a stray dog. According to the tribe here, this marriage ceremony will help the villagers exorcise and get rid of the curse of the devil.
The village elder quickly organized a wedding for Mangli Munda and the grown-up dog – Sheru in a remote village in the state of Jharkhand. They see this as a good omen for their community.
Despite having a lavish wedding ceremony with more than 70 guests in attendance, the bride Munda did not feel happy because the “groom” was a dog named Sheru. The cause stems from Munda’s village guru telling her parents that they and the villagers will be in trouble if Munda gets married to the same man.
So the girl’s parents decided to let their child marry a dog to “cleanse”. Sheru was brought to the wedding venue and all present happily greeted the animal.
Munda confesses she is not satisfied with marrying a dog but still reluctantly agrees because it helps change the fate of her and her family. “The elder said my calamity would be transferred to the dog. Later, I will marry a decent husband to live a long life.”
In the meantime, Munda’s current “husband” is a stray dog caught by her father, Sri Amnmunda. Worth mentioning is that Munda is not the first person to marry a dog. Mr. Sri said many such weddings took place in the village and surrounding areas. “This is a religion that we fully believe in. Many girls have escaped disaster and live happily,” he said.
Munda’s wedding took place normally like other traditional weddings in India. Everyone was eating, dancing and singing happily. After the wedding ceremony, Munda can take care of the animal and keep Sheru as a pet in the house.

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