Heartbreaking Moment Mother Sea Lion Cries Over Her DᴇɑԀ Baby

Sea lions are amazing animals that inhabit almost every beach and rocky shore in the Galapagos Islands. They are entertaining, lovable, intelligent, and seemingly almost doglike in their appearance and their behaviour. They are particularly curious and inquisitive about their surroundings.

Sea lion

Mother sea lions belong to colonies with dozens of females and one large, male bull. They breed and produce young each year, taking very good care of their babies. They leave them on the beach, under the watchful eye of the rest of the sea lions while they go off into the waves in search of eels, octopus, fish and other food.

Heartbreaking scene

This sea lion mother proves just how strong the mother-child bond is – even when it’s broken. According to Mirror, the touching video was recorded and shared on Facebook by Andrea Else Hahn, a campaigner to protect wildlife. In the scene, the mother continuously screams and writhes next to the dead body on the beach in San Diego, California.

Mother sea lion refuses to leave cub’s body

Sea lion cubs were born prematurely early last week. The mother sometimes sticks her nose against her baby’s body before lying on top of it in a desperate attempt to revive the young. The close-up angle shows that his face is wet with tears from crying for his baby.

Painful tears of a sea lion mother crying for her baby

Hahn said that when she returned to the beach the next day, she found the mother sea lion with her cub all night. Hahn’s video has garnered more than 800,000 views on Facebook.
The post reads: ‘We humans have a tendency to think that we are the only animal who grieves the loss of a son or daughter. ‘This heartbreaking video, showing a sea lion who lost her baby, should be a waking call to us all.’

It’s currently pupping season along the Pacific coast, a time when thousands of sea lions deliver their babies on the beaches. But according to the Examiner , tourists eager to get a picture with a picture with a birthing seal are casuing many of the mothers to miscarry, or abandon their pups in fear, leaving them to die.
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Video source: Anglo Zanglo

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