Less Than 10 Years Old Already Owns 6-pack Abs Like Adults

Juliano Stroe (9 years old) and his younger brother Claudiu (7 years old) from Romania were dubbed “Hercules” because they soon possessed a muscular body with a 6-pack abs like adults. To get toned muscles, both children had to exercise 2 hours a day with 4kg dumbbells. It is known that both of their families are making their way to England and want to find fame for both to solve their family’s difficult economic situation.

Juliano started working out at a young age and quickly gained muscle like an adult

It is known that Claudiu started training at 18 months old. Although this is an extraordinary effort by both children, many people think that this is brutal exploitation of children, because at this age, they should be cared for and played like. children of the same age.
Juliano also broke the world record with his admirable achievement

Their muscles and 6-pack abs are surprising to many people

This is considered a barbaric act against children

Their father is hoping someone will pay to train the couple

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