Marvel At The Sight Of Coconut Crabs Hunting, Breaking The Bird’s Wings In “One Note”

Coconut crabs are crabs with the largest body size of land crabs, the heaviest can be up to more than 4 kg and 1m long. Coconut crabs can climb trees, the larger the part, the easier it is to grab prey, making the prey unable to move. Surprisingly, there are several species of birds that are also on their food list.
Recently, a foreign researcher has recorded images of coconut crabs hunting. The victim was a bird and it broke its wings in a single note. The image was recorded at night on the Chagos Islands.
According to recorded images, a coconut crab suddenly attacked an albatross while this bird was sitting on a tree branch to rest. The crab used its large claws to grip the bird’s wings, and the bird’s legs were so strong that the bird’s wings were broken instantly.
The bird could not resist, so it was easily dragged from the tree to the ground by the coconut crab. Only about 20 minutes later, a few more coconut crabs smelled blood, so they pulled closer. Then they butchered this bird and brought it back to the nest as their trophy.
The researchers also found that the birds on Chagos Island seem to have developed a habit of always being afraid of coconut crabs. As long as there are coconut crabs, no birds will dare to approach the branches or perch on the ground. As for places on the ground where there are bird nests, it is completely impossible to find a coconut crab there.
This species of coconut crab always seems to give people a very scary impression. However, it is a fact that they can eat everything but are very cowardly. The presence of many animals can frighten it, such as humans.
The number of coconut crabs in the world is how much, it is impossible to count them all, but they have been listed in the red list (rare and endangered animals).
After all, a coconut crab with such a large weight and shape, their meat will also be very special. That is also one of the reasons why they are listed in the red list.

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