Mutant Baby ‘Without Face’ Successfully Operated

The ‘faceless’ mutant baby is named Yahya El Jabaly. At birth, this baby had no eyes, no upper jaw and a hole in the middle of his face.
According to Dailymail, the body of this Moroccan boy has encountered many complications, preventing the bones in the face from fusion, since he was in the womb. Despite facing misfortune and many difficulties, this mutant baby still manages to live happily, thanks to the love of her parents. Due to his lack of palate, this poor boy could not speak. Every time she had the opportunity to go out of the village, Yahya was always covered by her parents to avoid letting others see her unusual shape.

Mutant baby ‘without face’ successfully operated.

The pitiful plight of young Yahya went viral around the globe after a photo of him was posted on Facebook, aiming to draw the attention of medical professionals.
The miracle then happened when an Australian woman named Fatima Baraka was touched by Yahya’s story and hoped to find a way to save her. She was able to contact Tony Holmes, the doctor who successfully separated conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna in Bangladesh. Soon after, Yahya was contacted and arranged to take her to Australia for treatment. Here, the boy underwent a series of tests, from CT scans to MRI scans, to find the most suitable surgical method.

Initially, the surgery was expected to take up to eight hours but it ended up taking more than 18 hours. Doctors said that Yahya had lost almost half of her blood from her body and had a membrane covering her brain. A team of surgeons worked alternately on this costly operation. The cost of the surgery was partly funded by donations from the dedicated doctors at the hospital.

The surgery took place last December. Everything has gone well so far, this baby boy will be able to communicate normally after the surgery due to the intact larynx.

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