My 3-month-old Baby Knows… Is It A Boy Or A Girl

Baby Aolani Argyle was born with female genitals and doctors confirmed it was a girl. Mother Emma is overjoyed to inform family and friends that she is about to welcome a “little princess” and has fully prepared pink clothes for her baby. However, the doctors said they were not sure about the ѕᴇх of the baby and needed to do tests.

Emma and baby Aolani Argyle
“I really didn’t understand what they were saying, I was embarrassed, I told everyone that I was going to have a baby girl. I want to register my baby’s birth right after birth. At 20 weeks I went for a checkup and was told I was going to give birth to a girl ,” Emma shared.

Doctors explained that Aolani suffered from a rare genetic condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia. The disease affects only 1 in 15,000 births and sadly there is currently no cure.
It can be life-threatening because the person does not have the necessary enzymes to produce the hormones cortisol and aldosterone. Without these hormones, the body would produce more androgens, a male ѕᴇх hormone. This can cause the ѕᴇх organs to develop abnormally and leave doctors uncertain about Aolani’s ѕᴇх.

Emma suffered from placenta previa during her pregnancy, a complication of the placenta that developed in the lowest part of the uterus and doctors had to have a caesarean section.
During the operation, Aolani’s heart stopped at times, but fortunately he survived. Emma also lost a lot of blood and needed a blood transfusion.
At birth, baby Aolani weighed only 900g and the first 3 months he was raised in the intensive care unit. “I had never heard of this condition but when the doctor explained how dangerous it was, I was really scared,” Emma said.

Emma was very nervous and anxious as she waited for the results of the test. The results showed that Aolani was a girl, who was brought home soon after. However, Emma still has to wait for the results to find out if her daughter still has adrenal hyperplasia.
“Before Aolani, I had a miscarriage, so Aolani was a gift to me. All I want is for her to be healthy and happy ,” Emma confided.

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