Newborn Baby Born With 4 Arms And 4 Legs

On April 2, a newborn baby boy with a deformed body with four arms and four legs was born at Huizhou People’s Hospital in Nham Son district, Huizhou city, Guangdong province, China. Faced with the deformed body of his little son, his father – Mr. Tran could not help but be surprised and sad.
In addition to the normally developed limbs, this newborn baby also has a pair of extra limbs “growing” on the abdomen. The baby’s excess lower limb can also urinate.

Doctors at Huizhou People’s Hospital said they could not find the exact cause of the deformity and could not perform surgery on the baby. Most doctors surmise that the fetus may be affected by the mother taking or transmitting the wrong medicine during pregnancy. After that, Mr. Tran took his son to other hospitals in the hope of saving him.

Confiding to a group of reporters, Mr. Tran said that he deeply regrets being too subjective, not taking his wife to be examined and tested during pregnancy, but just trying to accumulate and earn a living because their husband and wife’s situation is quite tight. object.

According to Professor Dien Nghi Phi , Guangdong Military Medical Hospital, Mr. Tran ‘s family needs to transfer the baby to one of the specialized hospitals in Guangdong province immediately because the lower limb deformity, related to the anus is at risk. threaten children’s lives. Currently, Mr. Tran ‘s family is making arrangements to go to Guangzhou on April 6.

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