Newborn Baby ‘chopstick’ Weighing 660g Miraculously Survived

Because the baby is only 28 cm long, so people call her by the name “Chopstick Doll”.
Her mother, Ms. Ly Nhuan Quyen, gave birth prematurely when she was only 23 weeks pregnant, early due to the plan of 15 weeks. The baby girl is too young, the “birth” will be extremely dangerous and potentially risky. Recognizing the situation, the doctors soon did ideological work so that Ms. Ly’s family was ready to deal with any bad situations.

The moment she was born, seeing the little girl lying motionless, the quiet, choking atmosphere enveloped the whole room. But a miracle happened, a cry broke the quiet atmosphere, the doctors breathed a sigh of relief! The baby girl weighs only 660g, for her family, she can continue to survive is a miracle. It is known that the baby’s organs are working normally so far, and this is also the earliest case of premature birth in Chongqing. Because the baby is only 28 cm long, so people call her by the name “Chopstick Doll”.

Doctors said that the rate of premature babies born before 24 weeks of age is only 10% alive, because the trachea and other organs are not yet complete.

“Although it is 1 day old, the baby still needs to go through many more tests,” said Dr. Ha, often premature babies will go through 4 important milestones, which is the first day. , 3rd, 1 week old and at 4 weeks old.“Within 1 week after birth, physiological jaundice appeared and increased”, said Dr. Ha, after solving the physiological jaundice problem. , the next step to do is to fight infection and provide nutrition for the baby.

The newborn baby’s father is on duty at the hospital to wait for the day he is discharged from the hospital! “Wandk Doll” is currently receiving the best care at Southwest Hospital. It is known that the glass cage that the baby used is worth 500,000 yuan and has a 24-hour nurse.

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