Newborn Baby Girl Has Hair Like A ‘Gorilla’

A 22-day-old baby girl from Madhavnagar, central India, was born with a lot of hair and hair from birth. This is a rare gene that runs in her family, known as Werewolf syndrome.

The girl’s mother Savita Sambhaji Raut, 26, said she was quite worried about her daughter’s future after encountering this condition but she accepted her fate. She shared, no matter how her child, she will love her daughter unconditionally.
In the family of Savita Sambhaji Raut, there are also 3 younger sisters who also have this “forest man” syndrome. Savita Sambhaji Raut has yet to name her daughter.
This is one of the rare syndromes, only a few hundred people in the world have Werewolf syndrome and currently there is no cure. Werewolf is divided into 2 types: generalized syndrome (hair grows all over the body) and local syndrome (hair grows only in certain areas of the body). This disease can be hereditary or arise after adulthood.

Hair and hair grow all over the baby girl’s body right after birth

Savita Sambhaji Raut and sisters

Mrs. Anita Sambhaji Raut, 45 years old, mother of the “forest” sisters, holds her little niece.

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