Newborn Baby Has A “tail” 12cm Long

When he was just born, a boy in India had a “tail” 12cm long, weighing 350g on the back of his waist. Although in India, cases of abnormal “tail” growth are revered by many superstitious people as saints, this boy’s family still decided to give him surgery to remove this extra body part.

The 12 cm long tail grows on the boy’s back.

Experts at Aarna Specialist Hospital, Ahmedabad city, Gujarat state, India, said that this boy’s case is different from other medical “tails” cases because this is not an extra body part or a body part. malformations caused by spina bifida. The tail growing from the boy’s body is the incomplete conjoined twin. Therefore, without surgery, this tail will develop into cancer and can take the baby’s life.

X-ray image of the boy’s “tail”.

The boy’s mother, Jamnibhen Patel, from Fatehgarh village, India, said the boy was her fourth son. Her previous children all had normal health, so when she saw the deformity of her youngest son, she was heartbroken.
Kanjibhai Patel, the child’s father, said: “When I saw my son had a tail, I was very scared. And then, my family decided to have surgery on the baby so that the tail wouldn’t affect his health.”

The boy’s family was very worried about their son’s health, so they decided to have surgery.

After a 4-hour surgery, doctors successfully removed the 12-cm-long “tail” and weighed 350g from the boy’s body. The baby is now safe and in the process of recovering.

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