Patch A Baby’s Heart With A Cow’s Heart

Baby Ruben Weber- Jackson (Beverley, Yorkshire, England) has just celebrated her first birthday after doctors’ efforts to save her life.
Ruben was born with two holes in his heart, making it extremely difficult for him to breathe, leading to an extremely high risk of death.

Her mother,  Petra  (29 years old), shared that when she was born, Ruben looked rosy and healthy like many other children, so the family completely did not expect her serious illness.
However, soon after, in the baby began to appear some strange symptoms such as swollen eyes, purple lips. When Ruben was 2 weeks and 2 days old, his family discovered that his breathing was not normal.
They took her to the doctor and discovered she had two holes in her heart and a narrowed aorta. Immediately after that, the doctors had to perform urgent surgery on the baby. After two surgeries, the hospital had to use meat tissue from a cow’s heart to fill two holes in Ruben’s heart

Now, Ruben can breathe normally and enjoy life like any other baby. All thanks to the development and creativity of science and cow heart.

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