Pitbull’s Heroic Act Of Risking His Life To Save Owner

Dogs are one of the many animals kept by humans. Not only cute and adorable, this four-legged animal is also often asked to keep the house and its employer safe. A recent incident involving a Pitbull dog has once again proved this statement. This brave Pitbull was willing to risk his own life to save his owner from a potential danger. In fact, the dog is in the midst of a large pregnancy.

Pitbull dog that ԀɪᴇԀ after fighting a cobra (Facebook)

According to World of Buzz, the owner named Suriyan Janket, the dog he has been caring for for two years is considered part of his family. Suriyan’s female pitbull is tasked with guarding the house when Suriyan is away.
Unfortunately, when Suriyan was away a cobra entered his chicken coop. Without fear, the pitbull attacked the cobra so it wouldn’t attack the chickens in the cage. Luckily, after going through fierce competition, the venomous snake can be defeated. But unfortunately, Suriyan’s dog suffered a bite in the mouth area and cost him his life.
Suddenly, the death of this pit bull became a deep wound for Suriyan and his family. They looked so sad because their beloved dog died from being bitten by a cobra. In the photo uploaded by Suriyan on Facebook, you can see that Suriyan was so sad that he was tightly hugged and cried over the body of his beloved dog.
The story of this Pitbull dog’s bravery and loyalty has touched the hearts of many. It reminds us of the special bond between humans and their furry companions. Let us all appreciate and cherish the love and devotion of our dogs, who are always ready to protect us, no matter the cost.

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