Shocking Special Kids Who Exist

These kids are not like the usual kids who have a regular life, but they are the ones who have something special or are capable of doing something extraordinary. Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the details on kids who have special abilities. This is the list of kids who got famous for either being the heaviest child or being a specially challenged kid who is physically fit. Hence, read on to know more about these interesting cases of kids with their special abilities.

Cassidy Hopper – The Girl With Operated Eyes & Nose
When she was born, she had no eyes or nose. This baffled the doctors and fortunately they found a solution for her condition and made sure they could create an artificial one. Currently, she has completed her graduation and is working.
Gabby Williams – The Girl Who Ages Differently
She is a 10-year-old kid who was born with a very rare condition that keeps her away from growing and behaving as kids of her own age. For every 4 years, Gabby ages one. Due to this rare condition, the little girl has turned blind and is unable to speak.

Pan Xianhang – The Boy With A Rare Skin Disease
He is a boy who suffers from an incurable and rare genetic skin disease. His condition causes him to have dry, itchy skin all over his body. The disease is very painful and makes the little boy’s life miserable. We only hope, the doctors can find a cure for this rare disorder.

Deepak Kumar Paswaan – The Boy With Parasitic Limbs
He is a kid from India who was born with partial arms and legs of his parasitic twin. The boy faced a lot of humiliation, but at the age of 8, he got the parasitic arms and legs removed in a successful surgery.

Richard Sandrack – The Little Herculus
He is also known as the “Little Hercules”. He was awarded as the strongest boy in the world. Currently, he has given up body building and weight lifting and is working as a stunt man in movies.

Fu Wengui – The Kid With 3 Extra Vertebrae
He is a typical 15-year-old kid, but expect that he has 3 extra vertebrae in his neck, which make it look extra long and unusual. Generally, we all have 7 vertebrae; however, this kid has 10. He has claimed that this extra height is quite painful. Currently, he is in the process of undergoing a surgery to get the extra vertebrae removed.

Lu Hao – The Fattest Kid
Lu Hao is the world’s heaviest kid who weighs over 132 pounds, and he was just 3 years of age when he got famous for his extra weight. It is 3 times more than what an average 3-year-old would weigh. Currently, he is on a weight loss programme.

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