Startled 3-year-old Boy “pregnant”

1. Detecting fetus in 3-year-old boy’s belly
Recently, doctors at Las Mercedes Hospital, Peru discovered an abnormal fetus in the abdomen of 3-year-old boy Isbac Pacunda. It is planned that the surgery will be carried out as soon as possible to remove the dangerous parasitic fetus in Isbac’s abdomen.

Doctors have discovered a dead fetus parasitic in the belly of baby Isbac Pacunda

Dr Carlos Astocondor and his team say Isbac’s case is known as a “fetus within a fetus”, meaning that Isbac’s twin body parts have developed in the boy’s stomach. Dr Carlos added that this dead fetus weighed about 700g, was 25cm long and it had eyes, bones and hair on its head, but no brain, heart, lungs.
Explaining this, doctor Carlos Astocondor said that, due to being in the abdomen of the twin brother, the fetus did not have the same nutrients to develop as in the mother’s womb.
The baby will soon be operated by doctors at Las Mercede Hospital to remove the dead fetus from the abdomen

Isbac’s father, Leonidas Pacunda, is very worried about the upcoming surgery. However, doctors have confirmed that, although the phenomenon of “fetus in fetus” is only 1 in 500,000, the removal of a dead fetus is not too complicated.
2. The boy has two identical hands
Boy Ethan Burn, 4 years old, living in Carshalton county, Surrey county, England has had a rare tumor behind his left eye since birth. The tumor gradually grew over the years and left the boy living with “mirror hand” syndrome, meaning that no matter how the right hand moves, the left hand does the same.
Ethan’s mother, Orme, said that since her son was 4 months old, she has noticed strange symptoms when he moves his hands. At the age of 1, Ethan couldn’t learn to scoop food on his own because he couldn’t control his hands independently.
Boy Ethan Burn has a tumor growing behind his left eye, the tumor has created a strange “mirror hand” syndrome

His two hands can move in an amazingly similar way

Before this situation, Ethan’s family took the boy to see a doctor and learned that the cause was extremely dangerous tumors inside his left eye. Not only causing the syndrome of “imitating hands”, these tumors can also endanger the boy’s life.
A few months ago, doctors at the Royal London Hospital and Great Ormond Street gave Ethan Burn radiation therapy. They promptly removed more than 100 tumors in the back of the boy’s left eye. Although the cancer treatment has caused Ethan’s left eye to completely lose sight, the boy is always optimistic and loves life. The boy was able to ride a bicycle, play tennis with his family and go to school.
After a course of radiation therapy, the tumor was removed and Ethan has returned to a normal life

3. The boy eats everything
Zach Tahir, a boy from the city of Salford (England) has a rare Pica disease, Zach likes to nibble on objects in his bedroom. Worried about the baby’s health, the boy’s mother, Rachel Horn, tried to prevent and prevent Zach from approaching the objects, but controlling Zach encountered many difficulties.
Jach’s new “can’t eat” bedroom

The boy’s mother, Rachel, said: ‘Zach can eat anything he sees. Zach always wanted something in his mouth to chew on. It was not the real feeling the boy liked. What bothered me more was the fact that Zach couldn’t speak, not even a word. The boy rarely sleeps. However, unlike other children with autism, Zach is very active, he loves to hug me and dance.”
The boy’s mother had to install a camera to monitor the boy’s every move in the bedroom

On the occasion of his 6th birthday, Jach’s parents gave him a new bedroom with a “can’t eat” design. Jach’s bedroom has been uniquely designed with glossy walls and no windows, minimizing the edges so he can’t gnaw them.
The room was furnished with furniture that prevented the boy from gnawing, and the slanted windows prevented him from climbing.
Jach’s parents hope this new inedible room will help Jach sleep more

The boy’s mother said: ‘Closers and drawers are designed with rounded edges and are installed so that they cannot be pulled in and out.
The boy’s family had to install a camera connected to a computer screen and even a phone to monitor the boy, in order to make timely adjustments when the boy had unusual actions. Jach’s parents hope this new inedible room will help Jach sleep more when he can’t eat anything in it.

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