Strange Twin Stories

Twins with different date of birth and year of birth

Although born only 2 minutes apart, but because the sister Jaelyn was born on New Year’s Eve in 2015, the twin brother Luis was born in the first moments of the new year 2016. Therefore, that these twins in San Diego, USA will forever have different birthdays and years of birth.
Twins born 87 days apart in Waterford, Ireland

Due to being born 4 months premature, Amy was born first, and Katie was born 3 months later. The couple, along with their mother Maria Jones Eliott, won the Guinness World Record for the longest time difference between twins.
Twins become fathers on the same day

Jerome and Jarrell Spence, on November 26, 2014, when they were both 21 years old, welcomed the birth of their son at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, England.
Born on the same day but not twins

Due to the phenomenon of “multiple insemination”, two fetuses were conceived 2 weeks apart, but miraculously, mother Julia Grovenberg gave birth to 2 fetuses at the same time, that is, Jilian and Hudson were born on the same day. December 2, 2010 in Arkansas, USA. IVF is a rare case in the literature, with only 11 women recorded in the world.
Twins “a decade apart”

For Juan Velasco and his wife Margarita Robles of Tampa Bay (USA), the new year brought a sweet surprise when one of the babies was born on December 31, 2009, while the other was born on December 31, 2009. 1/1/2010.
When BS. Cathy Lynch of Tampa General Hospital delivered her first newborn in the obstetric emergency department a minute before midnight. She then asked the parents of the twins if they wanted to have their birth certificates made on two different dates, to their surprise and of course, they agreed.
Born only 30 seconds apart, Stefano became the last baby born in 2009 and Marcello became the first in 2010.

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