Strangely, The Father Did Not Let His Son Wear Clothes For A Year In A Row

The man with this controversial action can be considered the most famous father in Chengdu, China when the images of him and his undressed son are constantly being updated and learned.

The boy did not wear clothes for a year.

According to Chinese media, many people living near the father and son’s house said that they often appear in public places, sometimes go for a walk, go to the market to buy food… but have never seen a boy wearing clothes. .

Many people have strongly condemned this father who is abusing his own son when he sees him taking his “naked” son to the street or bathing him in the cold. However, this person denied all accusations of child abuse and insisted that he just wanted to “train his son’s health and endurance from an early age”.

It is worth mentioning that although many people have reported this boy’s case to the authorities, the authorities still insist that the father did nothing wrong and did not break the law after confirming the boy is his biological son. .

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