The Baby Has A Defect Of The Internal Organs Outside The Abdomen

Ethan Suglo had to drop out of school because of a malformation of his internal organs outside his abdomen . Not only that, Ethan Suglo was also teased that he was pregnant because he had a big belly.
But luck came to the boy Ethan Suglo and his family when he met a British doctor named David Williams. Williams accidentally saw Ethan Suglo when he and his family visited their daughter who worked at the place. David Williams said he initially saw an African boy with a swollen stomach and thought it was due to malnutrition and helminthiasis. However, when he got up close, he was shocked by what he saw. He has never seen a case of visceral malformation outside the abdomen like this guy in nearly 30 years of working.

Baby Ethan Suglo with visceral malformation outside the abdomen.
Ethan Suglo and his dad.

David Williams and his wife took care of the travel expenses and contacted support to bring the boy with a defect of the internal organs outside the abdomen to the UK for surgery. After the surgery, Ethan Suglo will have a normal life like other children.

The family of Dr. David Williams.

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