The Boy Has A Birthmark On His Back Like Angel Wings

Matt Brown and Stephanie Brown’s two-year-old son Oliver was born with a rare skin condition. On the boy’s back was a large birthmark that grew densely hairy like an angel’s wings. This birthmark is increasingly spreading, thick hair grows from the nape of the neck and runs down the spine, spreading to the shoulder blades.
Parents often have to take Oliver to see a doctor for a check-up, otherwise the birthmark could cause the boy to die.

The big birthmark on Oliver’s back

From birth, the boy was diagnosed with Congenital Melanocytic Naevi (CMN). Although, according to the doctor’s diagnosis, Oliver is likely to live a healthy and happy life, but the boy needs to be investigated because this disease can lead to skin cancer. In addition, CMN can also affect the brain, spine, and damage the boy’s nervous system.
Therefore, the boy often has to use sunscreen to protect his skin, avoiding the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
Oliver and his mother

Oliver’s mother said: “My son is truly one of the lucky ones with this condition. There are some children who have birthmarks in their eyes or elsewhere but Oliver’s birthmark is on his back like a pair of wings. angel. When he grows up, my wife and I hope he will accept this even though he doesn’t like it.”

Picture of Oliver at birth

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