The Boy Has A Mole As Big As A Tortoise Shell On His Back

With a large mole covering his back, 8-year-old Colombian boy Didier Montalvo was once known as the “turtle boy” due to the mole’s shape and pattern similar to a turtle’s shell.
In 2011, young Didier was diagnosed with a rare condition called Congenital Dark Mole (CMN). The giant mole growing on Didier’s back greatly affects the baby’s daily activities. Not only that, the nickname “turtle boy” also made Didier feel unhappy.

Baby Didier Montalvo has a mole as big as a tortoise shell on his back.

Also in 2011, baby Didier underwent surgery to remove a giant mole that weighs 20% of his body weight. This is considered the surgery that changed the life of baby Didier. Now Didier has been freed from the ugly “turtle shell” and can develop like a normal child.
The baby has undergone a complex skin transplant procedure.

Dr Neil Bulstrode, a British plastic surgeon, said the mole growing on Didier’s back was so large that he feared it could turn malignant. Didier’s case is the worst that Dr. Bulstrode has ever seen.
The boy had a normal life like any other child.

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