The Boy Has A Strange Disease That Makes His Whole Body Covered With Eczema

Appearing very small among a bunch of beautiful girls on the stage of Michigan Beauty, USA last Friday, June 13, but the boy Drew Foster was still outstanding. Despite her unattractive appearance, Drew has stolen the hearts of millions of readers thanks to her strong energy and inherent confidence.

Young Drew Foster appeared prominently on the stage of the Michigan Beauty Awards.

Drew Foster, 14 years old, living in Flint city, Michigan state, USA was born with brittle bone disease scientifically called Osteogenesis imperfecta and central nervous system syndrome, also known as neurocutaneous hypermelanosis. These are two rare diseases that make Drew’s body not only underdeveloped compared to his peers, but also make his body covered with eczema.
He was diagnosed with two rare diseases since birth.

The boy wearing glasses is small but has great charm.

Due to the inability to walk on his feet, all of Drew’s activities are dependent on a wheelchair. He’s broken his bones more than 50 times, but that hasn’t dampened Drew’s passion for the outdoors and hunting.
The energetic boy loves to hunt.
It is known that Drew is also a very sweet boy and often participates in local social activities.

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