The Boy Miraculously Recovered After The Defendant Bit Off His Finger

After feeding her baby, Hayley Cawley placed 5-week-old baby Dennie Dolan on the sofa and went inside to clean up. She suddenly panicked when she heard her son’s screams and she stood stunned when she saw her son being bitten by a fox and dragged away.

The faint scar on Dennie’s hand after recovery

The fox gnawed on Dennie Dolan’s left hand and was trying to get the boy out but got caught in the door. Hayley Cawley quickly ran to the dam and chased away the vicious fox. The fox ran away and left Dennie Dolan with his head and face scratched, left ring finger almost off the table.
Dennie during her hospital stay

After being taken to the hospital, the boy underwent surgery for 5 hours to reattach his severed finger. Currently, Dennie Dolan is more than 1 year old and the injured finger is functioning as normal and only a faint scar remains.
The image of the fox is said to be the culprit

The boy has completely recovered

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