The Boy ‘Molts’ Like A Snake

Indonesian boy Ari Wibowo is suffering from an extremely rare skin disease.
Ari has to take a shower every two hours. He used a hose to spray directly on his body and then applied a layer of lotion on his skin. Otherwise, the skin from the soles of Arii’s feet to the top of his head would harden and turn him into a living statue, unable to move.

About every 40 days, Ari changes all the skin on her body once, which many people call it a snake-like molt. He has been suffering from birth until now due to a strange and mysterious disease, while his younger brother Ari is 5 years younger than Ari is completely healthy.
However, this courageous boy from the city of Tangerang (about 20km west of Jakarta) continues to go to school and study hard every day.

The entire skin on Ari’s body keeps changing

However, he persisted in going to school to study with his friends.

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