The Boy Who Had A Baby With His Biological Mother Was ‘Shocking’

The boy who has a child with his biological mother – Kyle Casson is a name that is attracting everyone’s attention. Unable to find someone to “support” surrogacy, that’s why his biological mother – Anne-Marie is the only choice.
Kyle Casson is a gay man. He wishes to have a child to create more joy and motivation in life. However, Kyle Casson could not find any suitable woman to fulfill his wish. And his 45-year-old mother, Anne-Marie, is the best fit in his eyes for the transplant.

Portrait of a boy with a child with his biological mother

Kyle Casson and his biological mother, Anne-Marie Casson

Last July 2014, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy by caesarean section and named him Miles. Currently, Miles is 8 months old and looks extremely chubby and adorable. Although Miles is the son of Kyle Casson, Miles is also considered the younger brother of his own father. This moral dilemma gets a lot of talk and attention. However, Kyle Casson said, he does not care about the noise and many words outside but still feels happy, happy and satisfied with it, as long as everyone still lives under the same roof, and especially to be satisfied with his right to be a father.
Miles – son and brother of Kyle Casson

Kyle Casson and Miles

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