The Boy Whose Neck Is Growing Abnormally Long

15-year-old boy Fu Wengui has up to 10 cervical vertebrae, 3 more than the average person. Because of my long neck, I face many difficulties in daily activities.

Fu Wengui boy with an increasingly long neck.

The boy’s father, Mr. Fu Genyou (50 years old), said: “He often gets dizzy and can’t keep his balance when moving.”
It is known that from an early age, Fu Wengui was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis and abnormally developed chest. This could be the reason why her neck grows so long.

Talking about the state of her body, Wengui expressed, “I just want my neck to be like everyone else around.”
Currently, a charity has agreed to sponsor Wengui’s neck treatment at Chaoyang Hospital, China.
Fu Wengui and his father.

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