The Boy With The Giant Hand Is Considered A Demon

The boy with giant hands – Kaleem in India was banned from school because his classmates thought he was the embodiment of evil. In fact, this boy suffers from a rare disease that makes his hands huge. With his oversized hands, the boy was often bullied by other children.

The giant hand with the size many times larger than normal adults makes the Indian boy difficult in all daily activities and miserable with “hell life”. Even when he went to school, the teachers let Kaleem know that other children were afraid of his hand.

The boy with the giant hand is considered a demon

The boy’s family traveled thousands of times to see a leading orthopedic surgeon in southern India to convince him he could help treat Kaleem. The boy’s doctor had to fight time to perform a complex surgery to manipulate the fatty tissue and swollen nerves in Kaleem’s hand.
The surgery was very dangerous for an 8-year-old boy who was malnourished. However, Kaleem seems very determined to be able to have a normal hand size. Recorded images show that Kaleem’s fingers have become shorter, but recovery may take several months before he can see the most obvious difference.

The surgery will likely help convince locals and schools that Kaleem is not a “demon child”. Hopefully with smaller hands, the boy will be accepted by the people around him and go back to school to start a life like other children.

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