The Eldest Son Asked “what’s Wrong With Your Belly” And This Is The Mother’s Answer

Stretch marks often become a terrifying obsession for many mothers after giving birth. This mother’s share shows the sacred maternal love behind those wrinkles.
Hayley Garnett is a Columbian photographer, mother of 3 angels: boy Archer and twins Ramona – Ruby. Recently, this mother shared a photo on Instagram while holding the twins in her arms and revealing her belly with countless stretch marks. This image attracted nearly 10,000 likes in a short period of time.

The photo attracted a lot of attention from the online community of mother Garnett.

Accompanying the photo, her sharing lines on Instagam also received much attention: “Happy 1 week birthday to mom’s little angels. This morning Mr. Archer asked his mother what was wrong with her womb? The mother’s answer is that the stretch marks mark an unforgettable moment in her life when her children are born. Those were the days when you grew up in my mother’s womb and now I’m so happy to hold you in my arms.”
Garnett’s mother happily showed a photo of two little angels born.

This mom regularly shares details about her pregnancy, her battle with postpartum depression, and the body changes she’s been through. Garnett once posted pictures of her in the last weeks of her pregnancy before the twins were born. The special thing is that this pregnancy of hers took place only after her son Archer was 2 months old.
Garnett’s mother explained to her son, Archer, what had changed in his abdomen and what it meant to be the sacred meaning of motherhood.
Little boy Archer constantly wondered about the stretch marks on his mother’s belly.

“These stretch marks will forever remind me of the moment my children were born, whether I am confident with stretch marks or not, above all I feel like miracles have happened in my body.” , Garnett shared.
Before Garnett’s share, many comments expressed agreement with this mother’s point of view:
“Thank you very much. My daughter is 11 years old this year and the stretch marks on her belly will probably never go away. I used to be very upset because my belly skin couldn’t heal like it used to, but then I thought about why I have these stretch marks. In exchange, a baby girl was born.”
“This is amazing, this is like a miracle.”“I am very lucky to read your comments. Congratulations on welcoming new members to your family.”
“Extremely beautiful, looking at the lines on my belly makes me feel the magic of motherhood.”
“We’re lucky, many mothers give birth without any trace on their stomach to remember.”
Garnett shared that she felt very happy because she received sympathy from many other mothers: “I am not the first and will not be the last to share these pictures. But I always cherish the mission of a mother even if it involves physical damage. That’s what I want to express through my sharing lines and photos to those who have the same thoughts.”
The stretch marks will not be compared with the boundless happiness when the children are born, let’s take a look at the pictures filled with joy in this family of 5:
The whole family happily welcomed two little princesses.

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