The Fate Of Real Life ‘Mermaids’

Currently, in the world, there is a syndrome called Sirenomelia – mermaid syndrome, an evil disease that can be fatal. People with this syndrome are characterized by the legs being stuck together, looking like a fish’s tail.

According to research by Professor Frizt Harris of the University of Oxford: This syndrome usually begins when the fetus is still in the womb, when the blood vessels supplying the aorta in the mother’s uterus are damaged. . The rate of babies born infected with this syndrome is 1 in 100,000 and these babies usually only live for one to two days because of the great impact on the development of the kidneys and bladder.
In the world today, the number of people with Sirenomelia syndrome who survive is very small. The longest living “mermaid” to date is Miss Tiffany York. This girl born in 1988 had surgery to separate her leg and is still alive.

Tiffany at birth and when she became a teenager

Another case is a girl born in 2004 in Spain named Milagros, also successfully operated. After 16 surgeries, the girl also gradually recovered and can live like a normal person.

The 9-month-old “mermaid” girl at the hospital in Lima and after surgery

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