The Food To The Mouth Is Still Falling”: Leopard Sneaks To Blatantly Steal All The Meat In The Crocodile’s Mouth

Leopards and crocodiles are two of the most fearsome predators in the animal kingdom. Both are known for their strength, agility, and cunning, and both are capable of taking down prey much larger than themselves. However, despite their similarities, these two predators rarely cross paths in the wild. So, the question remains: are leopards afraid of crocodiles?

To answer this question, we first need to understand a little bit about the behavior of both animals. Leopards are primarily land-based predators, known for their speed, stealth, and climbing ability. They are opportunistic hunters, meaning they will go after whatever prey is readily available, whether it be an antelope, a monkey, or a bird. They are also known for their ability to drag their prey up into trees, where they can eat in relative safety.
Crocodiles, on the other hand, are aquatic predators, living primarily in rivers and lakes. They are ambush hunters, using their incredible strength and powerful jaws to grab and kill their prey. They are also known for their ability to hold their breath underwater for extended periods of time, making them incredibly effective at stalking their prey.
Crocodile seemed helpless, lying still in the face of the “storm” attack of the leopard.
A video shot in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia captures the extremely interesting sight of the natural world. A large leopard is risking its life to snatch pieces of raw meat from a crocodile’s mouth.
In the video, the crocodile appears to be lying motionless with a pile of meat filling its mouth, which makes it impossible for it to close its two sharp teeth. The hungry cheetah despite the danger, approached and used its talons to grab a piece of meat – from a dead antelope in the crocodile’s mouth.
The first time, the second time, it seems that still not satisfied with the hunger, the leopard continues to attack the crocodile, in order to get all the meat in its mouth. Using the same old trick, scratching the face of the sleeping animal with its claws, the leopard this time won another large piece of meat. The crocodile seemed helpless as it let the other “cat” steal his dinner.
The footage was captured by cinematographer Nicole Dangoor next to a river close to the Mfuwe resort. “I’m a little worried for the leopard but this is the natural world, it definitely knows what it’s doing.” – Nicole shared. It is known that she had to wait all night to witness this scene.
Sharing with Kennedy News, Nicole said that same night, she saw leopards and crocodiles fighting for food again. “When we drove back to the motel, we saw a leopard near the small river where the crocodiles rest. Two crocodiles ran to steal the leopard’s meat and then ran away, the leopard then tried to chase to get the piece of meat.” – she said.
The filmmaker says that the natural world is extremely brutal, where every animal has to fend for itself. Predators sometimes do not hesitate to plunder food from other species to survive.

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