The Girl Has A Giant Tumor, Weighing 1.8kg, Growing Out Of Her Nasal Cavity

This giant tumor was identified as a benign glioblastoma.

On April 28, doctors from The King’s Daughters Children’s Hospital, Norfolk City, Virginia, USA successfully removed a giant tumor on the face of a Haitian girl named Hennglise Dorvial.

Little Henglise Dorvial with a 1.8kg tumor growing from the nasal cavity.

Although only 15 years old, little Henglise Dorvial has a huge tumor weighing up to 1.8kg on her face. It is known that this is a benign yeast tumor, which began to develop when Henglise was 4 years old. At that time, it was only the size of a pea inside her nasal cavity. Due to the growing size, the tumor affected the vision in the left eye of little Henglise.
When Henglise was in 5th grade, she had to drop out of school because a giant tumor suddenly grew twice as fast in just one year. Since then, the poor girl has had no friends but her older sister.
Henglise in a 12-hour surgery on April 28.

Dr. William McGee, one of the three people who directly performed the surgery on little Henglise, and the founding director of Smile Surgery, said that the giant tumor on Hennglise’s face was a large tumor. best he had ever met.
After a 12-hour surgery, Henglise is now recovering. She will soon return to her hometown in 6 weeks.
However, Hennglise’s left eye vision was still unable to recover.

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