The Girl’s Healthy Face After Removing The Hidden Tumor

Triny Amuhirwe , a Ugandan girl , was fortunate enough to have a group of British charity surgeons perform a free surgery to remove a tumor covering her face, giving her a healthy face.

Triny’s healthy face when getting rid of the evil tumor

Although only 9 years old, but Triny encountered a very pitiful situation, a tumor in her nose had grown like a balloon, covering one side of her face.
Scary face before surgery

The tumor appeared since he was 4 years old, his mother thought it would go away, but the tumor grew bigger and bigger and had to be surgically removed when he was 7 years old. But the tumors reappeared after only 2 weeks, they grew and caused me unbelievable pain.
The tumor led to a headache, making it difficult for him to eat and breathe, and he couldn’t see in his right eye. She was forced to stop going to school when the teacher didn’t know how to deal with her situation.

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