The Indian Boy Is Shocked Because He Is 1.7m Tall Even Though He Is Only… 5 Years Old

Karan Singh is about to celebrate his 6th birthday in November this year, but he already has a height of 1,7018m, many times the usual height of his peers.

It is worth mentioning that when she was just born, Karan was also recognized by the World Records Book as “The tallest and heaviest baby” in 2008. At that time, Karan weighed 7kg and was 63cm long.

Since then, the boy’s growth has continued to grow “dizzy” and shows no signs of stopping.
Apparently, the most basic reason why Karan is so tall is genetics. Her father, Mr. Sanjay is 2m tall, while his mother, Shweatlana Singh, is 2.3m tall. Singh is also the “tallest woman in India” today.

Fortunately, despite having such an appearance, Karan’s health is still very stable. Moreover, the people around him still treat him very kindly. “Here, I am not bullied by anyone. You guys just often tease me that I’m cheating every time I play basketball,” the boy shared.

As for her parents, they wittily said, the only pain of their child being too tall is “can’t find the right clothes for him”. Until now, only adult clothes fit this 5-year-old boy.

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