The Interesting Life Of Conjoined Twins

Twins Tatiana and Krista may never be able to separate their shared brains because they were linked into one word at birth. The girls’ families believe that Tatiana and Krista can communicate through thoughts, but doctors have not been able to prove this.

Twins Tatiana and Krista have an interesting life

The sisters have a unique brain structure – they share a neural bridge between their thalamus that regulates consciousness along with sensory and motor cues. A piece of brain tissue from two related girls and Tatiana and Krista’s family discovered that they could watch TV with only one eye, but the other could still understand what was going on. screen. The two girls’ grandfather said : ‘You two have started giggling and know you’re both enjoying something without saying a word’.
The mother of two girls decided to have a baby and ignored advice about abortion. ‘Abortion is not my option ‘, she said . She also said that she did not have an abortion, knowing in advance that Tatiana and Krista would not be able to walk, run or play like normal children.

People also discovered that both girls can control each other’s arms and legs. According to many experts, Tatiana and Krista will have to learn to live together for the rest of their lives because they will never have an independent life because of the connections of their brains.

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