The Little Girl Can’t Stand The Heat Because Her Skin Is Peeling In Large Patches

Since her birth, 5-year-old Georgia Mitchell, from Kentucky, USA, has suffered from non-blistered exfoliative ichthyosis (NBIE). This disease makes her skin always dry and flaky.

Georgia Mitchell at a few months old.

Georgia’s mother, Misty Mitchell, 33, said she had to stay out of the sun or it would make her illness worse. Georgia also cannot play, run or play sports because then, the temperature will make the baby’s skin hot quickly and increase the pain level for the peeling skin covering all over the body.

It is known that this is an extremely rare disease in the world, 1 out of 300,000 births, only 1 child gets it. And currently, medicine has not yet found a cure for this disease. The only way that doctors advise patients with this disease is: Avoid heat, apply special creams, take medicine and pay special attention to psychological support for the patient.

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