The Mother Is “addicted” To Being Pregnant, Constantly Giving Birth… For Her Baby

This woman with a strange hobby is Miss Surrogate Tara Sawyer, from Wimblington, Cambridgeshire, England. She has given birth to a total of 7 children and 4 of them are currently living with her.
For Tara, being pregnant with a pregnant belly is the happiest time. Every time she gave birth and was not pregnant with her next child, she felt so empty and longed to be pregnant again.

Tara poses with her husband and children Rebecca (14 years old), Harrison (12 years old), twins Jack and Noah (4 years old).

In the past 2 years, Tara has given her 3 biological children to 2 couples and has no intention of stopping giving birth to others.
And although surrogacy law allows her to receive £15,000 each time, Tara still refuses to accept any money from the other two couples.
“Pregnancy is really addictive. It’s been a race from the moment the pregnancy test announced the good news,” Tara said. “The feeling of giving children to someone who needs them is amazing. And I always feel the happiest when I’m pregnant.”
Tara in one pregnancy

Mother “addicted to pregnancy” always feels empty when not pregnant

Tara worked as a disability advocate before becoming a full-time mom. She began to yearn to be pregnant again when twins Jack and Noah, now 4, were still babies. And Tara started planning her next pregnancy just a few weeks later.
She said: “I don’t really feel the need to have more children, but I really want to be pregnant.”
Tara’s Happy Family

Her happiness is every time a pregnancy test gives good news

Tara was adopted as a child, so she considers pregnancy and giving birth to give other parents the opportunity to have a family.
“Pregnancy seems to be the perfect solution. I will get pregnant the way I want and the couples will have children,” Tara confided.
Incredibly, Tara’s husband, Matt Sawyer, 37, a truck driver, was very supportive of his wife’s decision to give the child to a stranger.
Tara said: “He knows I love being pregnant and knows that I have a hole to fill. He is more worried about whether I can give my baby at the last minute. He has always supported me 100 times. %”.
Despite constantly being pregnant, Tara is still not worried about the negative effects on her body.

With Matt’s help, Tara set up an account on Facebook and started looking for information on surrogacy sites. Within a few weeks, she met a gay couple who were desperate to have children.
Tara then donated eggs to the couple and participated in the process of artificial insemination and surrogacy.
Tara always gets her husband’s support

Tara is not worried about the effects of constant pregnancy on her body, even saying that her figure is better now than when she was in her 20s. “I feel at my best when I am in my best shape. I’m pregnant. I take vitamins, go swimming, do yoga and eat right,” she said.
However, this mother also understands that when the children she gives grow up, they will want to know about their birth mother. “We’ve all decided to be open and I’ll answer any questions the kids have. But I’ll make it clear that I’m not their mother. I’m addicted to pregnancy and if I could At the same time helping couples who can’t have children is great. I won’t stop unless the uterus is ‘falling out,'” Tara insists. 

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