The Oldest Mother In The World, 70 Years Old Just Gave Birth

In 2008, Mrs. Omkari (Uttar Pradesh, northern India) became the focus of the world when she gave birth to a set of twins at an age that is said to be “near the earth and far from the sky”. However, despite all the public opinion, including fierce criticism, she and her husband Charan, then 83 years old, were extremely confident in their decision to have children.

Unfortunately, 2 years ago, the girl in the twins became seriously ill and died, while the boy Akashvani is still alive and well until now.
Ms. Omkari shared that she “couldn’t be happier” to have her baby son by her side all these years. “Many people ask me is he your grandson?! And I replied: No, he is my son,” she recounts her experiences.

Although she loves her son very much, Ms. Omkari still has to admit that at the age of 76, it is difficult for her to follow up to take care of this extremely hyperactive boy, “I cannot bathe him because I am old and weak, nor can I bathe him. couldn’t help it get dressed every day. It’s also very difficult to run around after it and feed it.”
Currently, Mrs. Omkari still hopes that she can live until the day her son gets married. “I’m not worried about Akashvani’s future because if I die, his sister will take care of him. I just hope my son grows up quickly so we can attend his wedding.”
From here until the end of her life, Mrs. Omkari intends to spend all her time with, loving and taking care of her baby son.

Mr and Mrs Charan with their eldest daughter and baby son.

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