The Shocking Truth About The Blackest South African Baby In The World

South African baby with dark, strange skin makes many people surprised when looking at it. When this baby’s picture was posted online, most of the comments were extremely excited.
However, there are also quite a few people who doubt this image when there are some very absurd points. If you look closely, you can see that, despite being small, this South African baby has full teeth, big round eyes but no whites. Moreover, Africans, no matter how black, have never had any case of skin like a coal like this baby.

Netizens “fever” with the blackest South African baby in the world

And the truth was quickly revealed. Just search the internet and a bunch of pictures of this South African baby will pop up. In fact, this is just a doll for sale a lot with the name OOAK Baby Orangutan Monkey.

These dolls are so small that they can fit in a person’s hand

Some pictures of the doll caused a stir in the online community

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