The Unique Look of a 4-Month-Old Infant: Mother’s Error Results in the ‘Apple Baby’ Phenomenon

According to information from Set News, doctors at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (Taiwan) recently received a case of a 4-month-old boy admitted to the hospital with a concave head due to the carelessness of his parents. Doctors described: “The baby’s head is like an apple being bitten off.”
It’s a result of parents failing to ensure their children’s safety in the car, or exactly the habits that 90% of Vietnamese parents are doing with their children.

The boy was hospitalized with a deep depression in his head.

Accordingly, on the day of the incident, her father (Kaohsiung) was driving and her mother was holding her in the passenger seat next to her. After the strong impact, the baby hit his head on the front panel, causing the skull to become concave, about 5 cm in size.
Dr. Hsu Mei-hsin of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital said that when the boy was admitted to the hospital, his skull was severely deformed. Fortunately, after a CT scan diagnosed the baby with no signs of intracranial hemorrhage.
Doctors performed a successful operation to restore the boy’s skull to its original position, his head was completely normal. The boy also regained consciousness and was discharged from the hospital after 1 week of treatment.

CT scan of the boy’s head.

Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and the boy is slowly recovering. Doctors said that the boy’s case is really lucky because if there is an intracranial hemorrhage or stronger force, he can suffer paralysis, brain damage, even Ԁᴇɑтһ.
“After this incident, I once again urge parents to always use a child safety seat when riding in a car. In particular, that seat must be installed in the right place and in the right way to ensure the safety of the children,” Dr. Hsu Mei-hsin advised.
The incident prompted authorities and experts to also warn that children under 4 years old should be absolutely safe when sitting in cars. Specifically, child safety seats should be used. Because before that, there have also been many cases because of the carelessness of adults, causing children to crash, causing injury, even Ԁᴇɑтһ.

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